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03-15-2013, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by CHRDANHUTCH View Post
THAT'S WHY Sacramento's trying too hard and too fast, PF, TO think to have 3 public comment periods and have an arena deal to be voted on by March 26th, isn't realistic, because Sacramento still has to do something w/ the "White Elephant" that STA will likely be, but you're also going to be competing w/ Ellison's Oracle Arena, now that Golden State is building their facility in SF.... that's the point all of the posters have been trying to implore to you and Clowe Me, but both of you think that status quo is the answer? Even if the Sacramento downtown arena is even approved by 3/26, much less voted on by then, doesn't end the NBA Vote on the Hansen PSA in mid April..... KJ's grandstanding just as he was when he was A Suns PG, and has turned himself into what all citizens don't want: a politician.
None of this makes any sense with what the issues are. Competing with Oracle Arena? They never have...they never will. Events that have historically gone to Oracle Arena have made stops in Arco/Power Balance/Sleep Train Arena. They are not in competition. They are different markets. End of story.

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