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03-15-2013, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
this was the part of the risk in the "bridge" standoff...

sure, we get PK on a steal for the next 2 years, so in the short-term it looks like a great move by the GM.

but you can bet that PK and his agent will be making sure to collect every last penny they left on the table in this 2-year deal on the next contract.

Instead of getting Subban for 4-6 years at a cap hit in the 5M$ range (might have even got him just under), we get 2 years just under 3M$, but we'll be looking at a 6-7M$ deal after that.

even if Subban doesn't make finalist for the Norris this year or next, if he continues to be a league leader in goals/points as a Dman (while playing the major shut-down role for us defensively), he'll be in line for a new contract making him one of, if not the, highest paid dman in the league in 2-years.

add in the dearth of UFA dmen in play this year and next, and the limits on term under the new CBA (which will just pump up the $$/cap hit amounts of top-flight contracts getting signed), and it's not so far fetched to speculate Subban could be looking at a deal north of 7M$ by 2014-15...

any thought of him accepting less "for the club", will likely have vanished with the "bridge" deal MB shoved down his throat this year.

long-term, i suspect MB will regret the hardball he played with Subban this year... wether it was b/c he underestimated the kids ability (dumb) or he thought it was a schrewd cap management move (dumber).

overall, i'm a fan of what MB's done thus far, just don't think he was strategic enough in handling what is the best young d-man we've had in town since Chelios/Robinson.
If he's smart, he goes to PK after this year and says... you've earned a raise and then tries to get him at what he asked for a year ahead of schedule plus an extra two million to top up the year he just had.

That just might work.
Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I disagree. I think this is more of an ego issue, with Bergevin trying to stand firm on his dealings.
Makes no sense that he'd lock out PK until he agreed to under 3M. I mean, not even the PK detractors during the negotiations were speculating so little.

What really makes me laugh though, is people comparing PK to MDZ. That was priceless.
Yup, kept reading and hearing that all throughout the offseason... made no sense.

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