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12-22-2003, 08:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
Not to be a party pooper, but I was looking at ice time after the game and...

Bouillon: 18:36
Rivet: 19:16
Markov: 17:03

Markov finnished the night +1

Bouillon and Rivet were the only minus players in that game.

Anybody (else) finding this picture to be wrong? Rivet's a righty so it passes, but Bouillon playing more than Markov??? This should not be even close. It should look something like Souray 25, Markov 20 and Bouillon 15. It's not like Bouillon has played extremely well the last few games (quite the contrary).

Again, I like the cube and love when he's used sparingly, but close to 20 minutes a game is plain ridiculous, more so when Markov is sitting during that time. Markov's not playing poorly right now and makes much fewer coverage mistakes than the cube. He also has much better hockey sense and offensive flair. I just can't get to explain this one. You know when a player feels he doesn't have his coach's confidence, his own confidence takes a dive. well looking at the way he's used right now, no wonder he can look shaky at times. It seems Julien doesn't like Markov much.
I agree with you, but there could be some other factors coming into play here.

First that comes to mind is that Markov's still nursing a sore ankle.

Secondly, Markov's game is largely based around confidence. He doesn't have the physical attributes to use on the opposition. He needs to be more intelligent than them instead. Ever since his first year in North America, Markov's seemingly struggled with confidence save for last season. It seems to be a problem again this year. Maybe Julien's trying to place Markov in situations where he can succeed in order to build that confidence back up.

I've noticed Markov's been starting to pinch into the neutral zone more, starting to make the long-bomb passes, cross-ice passes, no-look passes that made fans stand in awe last season. I'm thinking (and hoping) he'll start to regain the game he had last year; whether it be recovering from an injury, or regaining the confidence he had last year. Probably a little bit of both.

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