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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
I don't share Mr. Writer's all-encompassing hatred of Getzlaf and his sidekick but I think our issues with him are pretty similar, and Habs86 already touched on them.

1. Getzlaf isn't a player that would be particularly strong on the wing. I would rather take centres like Tavares, Giroux and E. Staal who can excel on the wing.

2. Getzlaf isn't good enough to dislodge Crosby or Stamkos from the top two centre spots, and Toews is the clear third line centre.

3. Getzlaf is mediocre defensively. If Canada wants a defensive presence on the fourth line, Bergeron is the pick and Getzlaf is not even considered. Getzlaf also can't kill penalties at a really high level, so that elevates players who are inferior in a vacuum, like Patrick Sharp for instance, above him. As a role player, better to select one or both of Mike Richards and Sharp.

4. As an offensive fourth line centre, Getzlaf brings an offensive/grinding element that Toews can match. Seems redundant, and if Canada has a strength anywhere it's in offensively talented centres. His style seems less suited to international hockey than almost any other elite centre for Canada.

5. Skating is not a strength for Getzlaf. I'm not absolutely obsessed with speed and skating ability for this team, but after watching Canada since the 1998 Olympics the lines with a poor skating centre (on international ice) are complete liabilities unless the centre is surrounded by players with great speed or tremendous hockey sense (think Lemieux in 2002). Getzlaf is possibly a worse skater than anyone else getting serious consideration for Canada.

6. Attitude. I met Getzlaf actually, chatted with him for a bit and he's a good guy (Perry is a tool, Ryan is quiet, and yes sometimes their line eats breakfast together with random people at hotels) but he doesn't seem like someone you pick as the 13th forward. It seems like he has just enough issues through his history that I don't want him in that role. I would rather a young guy, or an obvious role player.

7. Getzlaf was a disappointment in his only senior tournament on international ice. He was great at the 2008 WC, but that was in Quebec. In 2012 he was a disappointment, and that was with Olympics quality linemates in Perry and Kane/Benn. I'm not going to rule him out due to one relatively poor tournament after a disappointing season, but it certainly does not help.

All that said, if Getzlaf finishes this year as a top 10 scorer and starts well next year, Canada will probably find a way to select him. Hockey Canada likes the guy, he has Olympic experience and he has been very good in NHL hockey lately. I'm not convinced due to the issues above and also the limited sample size thus far in the season, but I am doubtful that Hockey Canada will consult me.
Huge post, but all your points are moo. Because going back to #2, Stamkos can play the wing. In fact I don't think Stamkos should play anything other than the wing. He has work to do defensively and could get exposed on the Olympic stage.

Therefore, Getzlaf could be the 2nd line centre. With his play this year, he certainly deserves it.

Stamkos - Crosby - Giroux
Tavares - Getzlaf - Perry
Staal - Toews - Nash
Marchand - Bergeron - Seguin
Benn/Ladd/Duchene/Neal/St. Louis

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