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03-15-2013, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Sniped View Post
A nice win from this team, but I am no where near sold on anything/anyone. This team has proved they cannot be consistent anywhere, including scoring, defense, or goaltending. Flyers still haven't had a 3 game winning streak this year. I'm not sure we even deserve to win this game with the way we played in the third period and OT. Bryz had a really good game but again, he's hasn't been consistent at all. Not to be a negative nancy, but I'm more of someone to look at the big picture, the flyers proved to us that the only thing they are consistent of is being inconsistent.
Jesus Christ. I'll take that over being consistently bad, which was the other option, and how it looked like things were heading.

Like you, I'm not sold after a single game, but they played a much tighter checking game and aside from Schenn's charging, a pretty disciplined one also. That was a nice change. There's reason for a sliver of hope that they might put up a fight for the 8th spot yet. Their odds of winning that fight are slim, but I still wanna see them play with guts in meaningful games, play-offs or not. I can stand to see them lose games, but it drives me nuts when they play like a bunch of losers.

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