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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
Whoops completely missed Shattenkirk so 5 out of top 12 (OEL tied at ten with 2 other guys), 9 out of the top 30. Add Karlson and its 6 out of 13 and 10 out of 30. Karlson actually proves might point about hype and defensemen. 6 more hyped defensemen were chosen ahead of him and he might be the best of that group. The year before Karl Alzner was considered the best defensemen, yet P.K. Subban was taken in the 2nd. 2005 Jack Johnson at 3rd overall or Kris Letang in the 3rd rd. 2004 Cam Barker 3rd overall vs Alexander Elder in the 3rd. Please find me a draft since the lockout where the best forward was drafted after the 1st round or even the top 5 picks.

I am not saying that if Jones is available when the Flyers come up, don't pick him. I am saying he is not worth adding resources to move up and pick him with what will be available if the Flyers stayed put. Let me rephrase my argument. If the Flyers had the 2nd pick in 2008, would it have made sense to trade up by adding another 1st or a player to draft Doughty or just stay put and draft Stamkos. Would you have added Couturier to get Hedman instead of just picking Tavares or even Duchene? I know the Flyers need a defensemen, but I think it would be better to save those resources to get someone more established or draft dmen in bulk.
I'm not sure I exactly see your point about 2008. Doughty was taken 2nd, so you wouldn't have had to trade up to get him (if you had #2). Unless you mean, just to be sure you could get him? I do remember some debate over who would go #1, but as best as I can recall, Stamkos was generally considered the likely #1. I could be wrong about that.

But in that kind of situation, which may not be all that different from this year, it's going to depend on who drafts where and what they need. If the Flyers get #3 and the two teams ahead of them want forwards, then I would certainly try to make a deal. Even if the Flyers pick is somewhere in the top 10, I think if you're Homer you have to at least make the inquiry. It comes down to what you need, who's available where, and what it would take to get what you want. In this case, there is no player in the draft (as far as what's known right now) that meets the Flyers most pressing need more than Jones.

But I'm not saying sell the farm. If you can get say, Nurse in the first round and hold on to your other picks, and maybe make a trade for a veteran defenseman (like if Homer could pull off another Timonen type trade. Doubtful but maybe something like that) then I can see that being a good approach.

But I would definitely be willing to trade up to get Jones if the cost is reasonable. I really am not all that interested in either MacKinnon or Drouin- not that I don't believe they won't both be extremely good players. I just think this would more of the same for the Flyers. The last elite center they drafted who won a Cup with the Flyers was named Bobby Clarke.

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