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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
How many points did Lindros score in the 1997 Finals exactly? Three? And Fedorov? Six, you say?

How exactly is that Lindros outperforming Fedorov?
Wait. Are we talking about total performance over four rounds or aren't we? Because when I posted the PPG stats over Fedorov's four year run, I was told it was harder to produce over all four rounds. Now, its best round of the playoffs, is it?

Does that mean we can now remove Fedorov and his four point final in 1995 from his 'run' of great playoffs?

People love to rank Crosby as "the best player in hockey the past few years" based on what-ifs. Are we rating on which player was better overall or which player scored better in the regular season? Because that's a different question with a different answer.
We're rating best overall. My issue is that Fedorov is consitently portrayed as this all-time two-way center and he simply wasn't.

The onset of the DPE right during his prime didn't help either; if the 90s post-96 were similar scoring levels to before 96, it's likely that Fedorov is higher on the 1990s scoring lists.
The onset of the DPE has NOTHING to do with Fedorov only managing to finish twice in the top ten of scoring.

This is a thread asking the question "Who's better, a defensive center with significant offensive skill, or an offensive winger?"

Somehow, I see that being a primarily opinion-based question.
And it moves out of the realm of opinion when some people wildly overrate one of those players.

At even strength, that's basically true. Obviously there's the power play, but as I have stated, Fedorov generally did not play with Yzerman and Shanahan.
Let's forget Yzerman for a second. Larionov (at 36 years old!) has the same PPG as Fedorov in 1997, then has a better PPG in 1999 when he's even older. Now, if Fedorov is getting the same opportunities as everyone else, why is he getting consistently outscored by an older Yzerman and on occassion by an ancient Larionov?

You know the Red Wings better than I do, and you're saying that they got pretty much the same opportunities, so how can that possibly happen to an elite-level talent like Fedorov? Systems are the same. Opportunities are the same. Fedorov had someone else on the ice with him on the power-play right? I mean, they weren't just sending him out there by himself, were they?

Again. I know he's good defensively. I know he's good in the playoffs. But come on! At some point offense counts for something.

Fedorov's age when he left Detroit for Anaheim: 33 years, 7 months.

Guy Lafleur's age when he retired midseason, after posting only 5 points in 19 games: 33 years, 2 months.

Bobby Clarke's age upon retirement: 34 years, 7 months.

Pavel Bure's retirement age: 32y, 1m.

Peter Forsberg, the first time: 34y, 9m.

You use two examples of guys from an era when almost no one played that long, and two guys with serious injury problems.

Bure played a combined 107 games in the two years leading up to his retirement. Forsberg was four years removed from being able to hit 75 games in a season. Fedorov played 75, 80 and 81 games in his last three seasons in Detroit, and 80 his first in Anaheim. Not comparable.

Healthy, elite centers of Fedorov's era and their production at that age?

Joe Sakic- 87 points
Ron Francis- 87 points
Adam Oates- 82 points
Mats Sundin- 78 points
Mike Modano- 77 points (in 78 games)

Fedorov had 65! You know where that puts him on the list for that age, in that era (era being 1996-1997 to the 2004 lockout. Essentially, the DPE)? Eleventh. Between Craig Conroy and Rod Brind'Amour (there's that name again).

That's Fedorov healthy on a team with as much ice-time as he could possibly want, no left-wing lock, no line-rolling. . . and he's producing like Rod Brind'Amour. And yet, judging by the pro-Fedorov crowd in this thread, he's easily better than all those names, give or take a Joe Sakic. (And the only guy by that age who was not great defensively was Sundin)

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