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Originally Posted by orcatown View Post
I'm not saying Schroeder's line did not create chances. What I am saying is Schroeder is not converting (as you seem to be saying) them.

Having that ability to put away chances is a huge skill. And, as I see it, it is something Schroeder must have to advance to the NHL. That, to me, is the critical element of Schroeder's game that is missing. It is something that can be improved through experience and work but it is also something that you are born with. I think it is an open question whether Schroeder has that knack and until he shows it, it puts his future in doubt.

Schroeder's size is a a major liability. The way he can over come this is to be point producer. It is like the Desharnais situation. If Desharnais is not scoring he doesn't make it. But Desharnais has shown that if he gets around the net with the puck, he can put it away. When Schroeder begins to show that kind of talent then we can get more excited. But until he does, our enthusiasm, in my opinion, has to be muted.
At his best, when he was a year older, Desharnais scored 28 goals in 60 games. Are you saying Desharnais was creating less than a chance per game that season?

Schroeder has 3 points in the last 2 games. If he keeps converting at the rate that he is, he'll end up with a higher PPG pace than Desharnais ever did and be one of the best players to ever play in the AHL. That's why I'm saying you have unreasonable expectations. Guys simply don't convert on every chance they get. Or every 2 chances. Or even every 3 chances.

There's a reason shooting percentage is around 10-15% for most top AHL players. You get more goals by generating more chances and more shots, that's what that line is doing and they're doing it more than than prior to Schroeder getting the call-up.

I've now seen 6 games in a row by Schroeder where he has truly looked like a player that stands out at this level and he has 3 goals and 7 points in those 6 games.

(And Schroeder's shooting percentage is already at 16%.)

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