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03-15-2013, 11:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
Uh-huh. Because I've been using some heavy arithmetic here, haven't I?

Is it really that difficult for you to tell the difference between a 60-point season and a 100-point season?
okay, so right before you posted that reply, i said:

Originally Posted by vadim sharifijanov View Post
EDIT: okay, that's a jerky and flippant response. but seriously, you're asking for numbers to back up something that can't be shown by numbers. the majority of people who here who don't count selanne as their favourite player will agree that fedorov was by a sizable margin a better defensive player than gilmour, brind'amour, francis, and even modano. are we all liars? are we all wings homers? were we all lost in fedorov's blue eyes?
but we've broken this down in this thread already. the debate is basically this: a guy who plays really awesome defense and produces in the playoffs vs. a guy who is awesome in the regular season and who may or may not have been good in the playoffs if he'd had the chance.

no amount of scrutinizing fedorov's regular season point production or qualifying his playoff numbers by per-game percentages or whatever is going to account for how good his defense was. and, as you don't seem to know or want to admit, that defense was FAR better than the defense of elite two-way players you've been comparing fedorov to.

you keep saying to prove it. you can't prove that with numbers. we can only prove it by telling you what we saw. the technology hasn't yet been invented for you to remember our memories.

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