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03-15-2013, 11:22 PM
Much Disappoint
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Taxes are such a rip off. I wouldn't care if I'm paying the same % as everyone else and the % drops off significantly after $45K and then again after $85K and again after $130K and up to $150K where income beyond $150 would not be taxed. I'm fine with taxes because I enjoy the benefits that are in place because of taxes. Paying 10X as much taxes doesn't make sense for me when I am less of a drain on society's resources than the average person. At one point or another, I'm just donating my money and the difference there would be that money that's donated isn't taxed. At what point are taxes 29%?

I wouldn't mind it if it was like 4% past $150K but 29%?! Are you kidding me?

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