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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
I don't have any preference for Selanne. I think you're confusing me with someone else.

I also think you're underrating Gilmour and Brind'Amour's defense. They were very, very good. Gilmour was basically Peca for the first three years of his career before he exploded in the 1984 playoffs.

And I'd suggest if you're 'choking on your own rage', you are tad bit emotionally attached to Fedorov and probably not looking at this objectively.

Actually, I'm not seeing all the really top-notch History board posters defending Fedorov. I mean, Big Phil went with Selanne. That's not to besmirch the guys who like Fedorov, I'm just saying that your view of this as a couple of Selanne fanboys arguing against all common sense is not at all accurate.
Couldn't agree more. Players like gilmour, datsyuk, brind'amour and peak modano are pretty much on fedorov's level defensively. (mod)

Fedorov finished top 15 in scoring a grand total of 4 times, the offensive gap between the two is very large. Offense from a forward is significantly more important, and selanne has him beat clear cut in terms of durability. Teemu has surpassed Sergei and in 10 years he will be ranked higher when its all said and done. Red Wings fans want to make all the excuses they want for fedorov, I can easily bring up the issue of selanne's knees. If he had surgery done earlier, he would dust fedorov away offensively and really thats the main job of a forward, to go out and score.

Selanne has 3 seasons where he was in the conversation for best forward, fedorov has like 1.
Thier hart voting, a criteria devilmademe loves to use.
Selanne: 3, 5, 5, 6, 9
Fedorov: 1,5, 9.

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