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03-16-2013, 01:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
My problem is getting out of control when I get pissed at something.

I put a kid in a headlock and punched his face in over a year ago and am lucky no discipline happened for overreacting to someone trying to punk me.

Tonight, priorities were in the wrong place, and an argument led to some said things I am ashamed if and apologized for and spending a few hours with nothing but my clothes on. I got a dose of reality. I took it like a man, but that drama **** annoys me. It's ridiculous that I'm 18 and had to deal with that. I should be better. Truth.
That's funny b/c you come off as a very calm person. You seem very composed and put together for your age.

...on a different note i'm officially NOT going back to asia on a work circuit again. i'm still not in love with my current job (although i do love the phony title i have)...but the idea of having to start going to asia at least 2x per month was too much to i'm glad that's avoided.

lovely story for the people on the board from cousins are in lake forest and i was skyping with one tonight...she's about 14 or so and was freaking...apparently a fox (she thinks it was a fox) wandered out from one of the wooded areas and attacked someone's tea cup poodle and left it by my cousin's friend's pool... isn't that lovely?

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