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03-16-2013, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Febfemton View Post
Watched 50+ games with AIK this season. I have no attachments to any NHL-team.

It's such a shame that it went this way for all parts since AIK could have benefited a lot more by having this talented guy on the ice. But facts is facts, when Jensen didn't play, the rest of the team performed better, there was a better synergy. I can't recall exactly when he started to get less ice time but it was around that time when the team actually went on a hot streak and made a rush towards the play-off.

Of course AIK benefited. He scored 17 goals and was without a doubt the guy with the best scoring ability on the team. What I'm saying is that his skill unfortunately didn't come without some problems off and on the ice, like I explained earlier. Some GM's thinks a lack of character is no big deal since you can transform him meanwhile I and AIK:s GM thinks it's hard to transform such consolidated behavior.
Well he'll fit right in with Kesler with his cocky attitude. It's a fine line between confident and cocky. As a Canuck fan I hope he rides the line closer to confident then cocky.

But realastically for a professional athlete in a major market being cocky and confident can be a blessing. Me first goal scorer's attitude can find a happy healthy home in the right situation with the right linemates. I see Jensen as a real talent and hopefully these "problems" as a teammate are just youthfull cockyness that was not accepted on a mature team and he'll figure it out as he matures. Subban and Crosby come to mind as young guys coming into the league overly cocky and confident that had to go through a maturation phase to be respected as a teammate.

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