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Originally Posted by TribalPhoenix View Post

My brother has seasons tickets, so I got to sit in the lower bowl. Was an awesome experience... was maybe 6 feet from Alain Vigneault hanging out with all the big wigs from the QMJHL. Also was maybe 20 feet from the Habs draft table and Bob Gainey at the time.

Got to watch the interaction between the prospects and their families. Was most impressed with Evgeny Grachev - the second day of the draft, I (quite hungover from partying the night away with friends who drove in from Montreal) was at the Tim Hortons in Scotiabank Place waiting to order. He and his family were waiting in front of me.... none spoke any English, except his agent. They were in front of me, and the agent appeared to offer to order for Evgeny. The family, especially the father, had that very firm, stoic Russian look... lip slightly sneered, completely involved in themselves. Grachev wasn't having it though - he said something in Russian to the agent, and raising his eyebrows the agent walked away. Grachev then went on to, with great difficulty, order a honey-lemon tea without any help, in English.

Was a really interesting thing to see. Kid really wanted to be a part of North America.

Other than that, the one in Montreal was funny... I had driven 7 hours to Montreal, waited 3 hours in line to get into the arena only to wait 2 more hours for it to start. In a pissy mood to begin with, especially seeing LA take Brayden Schenn, I watched us draft Kadri when I was hoping to hear us take MPS or Jared Cowen... so I let out at full volume "I drove 7 ****ing hours to watch us draft Nazem ****ing Kadri?!"

I got a good laugh out of the people around me... though now I appear to be eatting quite a bit of crow

That said, each draft is a heartbreaker at the end. Particularly Ottawa. When walking up the steps to leave, there were 3 picks left. Walking by those families, those kids, seeing them in silent prayer in the finest suit, thinking this was their time.... and knowing there were only 3 spots left with many of them in the stands, and more outside the arena. I saw the look of fear and panic in their eyes. Really wrenches the gut... just wanna pat them on the back and tell them they've done good, and maybe next year.
Man sounds like fun.
I really feel for those guys that don't get picked though.

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