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Originally Posted by Chris Hansen View Post
That's not how Chicago's Cup team was built.

High picks certainly played a key role, but there were only two of them... and in turn just one of those was a first overall. What is Edmonton going on now? 4?
That's not really true. From the time they drafted the beginning of their core, Keith, in 2002, they picked 14th, 3rd, 7th, 3rd, 1st, and 11th. They also had an insane number of picks during those years, including 12 second round picks in a five year span. They also picked in the top ten in three of the four years before getting Keith. The Hawks were very bad for a long time and cashed in exactly like the Oilers are trying to do - Chicago just avoided being the very worst most of the time. Big deal.

Chicago already had their top defensemen developing and built a lot of team depth. They only got good when Keith and Seabrook broke out and they added the final pieces, Toews and Kane. The Oilers have a completely opposite set-up as far as personnel they've acquired, and it's arguably a worse way to go, but the path the Hawks took is very comparable to the one the Oilers are attempting right now.

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