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03-16-2013, 01:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Oil Gauge View Post
The Barker signing was so obviously a reclamation project. Whats wrong with taking a flyer on a guy who was once a good NHL Defenseman and a 3rd overall pick? We all knew he was coming off of a few bad seasons and was looking like a bust. What if he had turned into a good top 4 dman? Then it would still be a bad signing right? because that's what you are saying.
I'm very familiar with the player. There was less chance of this reclamation project working out then there was with Brule. Theres such a thing as a player going through a difficult spell vs falling right off the map. In the case of Both Brule and Barker the NHL game had left them behind. When your play falls too far back you really cease being an NHLer. Only really experienced players tend to recover from that. For instance Souray. But he has size, a shot and physical gifts. A small D like Barker, if he loses his game he's going to be a liability because he NEEDS to be thinking the game far better than a bigger D. hope this is clear.

how were the Oilers supposed to know that his concussion problems would come back? He only had 2 back in 2007-08, and had been free of them since. Then he got one the in the pre season before he even played a game for the Oilers right? Or was it the first regular season game? I seem to remember him being pretty feisty in SJ, don't remember watching him in Atlanta.

Eager was the kind of guy the Oilers needed when they signed him. Concussions quickly changed his game.
You're misreading me on this. I've followed Eagers career. He's not the typical enforcer type that properly takes numbers and enacts some level of retribution. On most nights in his career he neglects to take note of whats going on around him. As in Edmonton other teams as well have found him lacking in terms of his consistency at responding to the call of duty.

Indeed a scouting knock on him is that he forgets sometimes he's an enforcer and wants instead to be a player. Quite a lot of talk at the time of the signing suggested that he was coming here because the org actually suggested they would give him more opportunity to be a player rather than an enforcer. You don't do that with Ben Eager because he's alreadly inclined to want out of his role on his own.

You could attribute solely to concussion, or note that this guy has rarely been a regular pugilist. Not compared to the guys that go regularly.

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