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Originally Posted by Sean Garrity View Post
Need advice again! I joined my buddies in a roller hockey league, and just playing outside on smooth concrete, and inside on sportcourt about 10 times my Miken Z9(thanks again Jarick) blade has started to crack on the bottom. I'm trying to find a similarly priced stick, $100-130, that is durable enough or can primarily be used to play rollerhockey.

I'll start by saying I know next to nothing about durability, feel, etc. and my thoughts, as I have been browsing the prostock and clearance sticks have been between a pro stock A.I9, pro stock CCM U+ Crazy Light, or a Bauer totalone that just happens to be in my preferred flex. Any other suggestions would be appreciated, you guys have been very helpful before! I play defense, I don't take many slapshots(they're not allowed in my league), but do take many snapshots, or half windup slapshots(about thigh high on the back swing) that seemed to have doomed my Z9 rather quickly on the hard surfaces.
Since the summer, I've been using Reebok 2k and 3k blades for roller hockey, and find them really enjoyable. I probably use my 3k stick more often than my 2k, nice composite stick with an abs blade for a really good price. Its pretty durable too, I usually play 1-2 times a week since the summer, and I'm only on my second 3k stick.

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