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03-16-2013, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by LoudmouthHemskyfan#1 View Post

Also a note - I wouldn't recommend staying up late to wait for the report as I know some of you have mentioned you have done in the past. It is often feeding or changing time for my son during my writing and an extended break could mean a LONG wait for you guys. Enjoy it with the morning coffee (or Rockstar in my case) would be my suggestion.
That's fine, I'll wait.

I really find it hard to get behind Krueger at this point. I want, so badly, to be confident in this team and in their abilities, but they're just so god damn excruciating on the eyes and on the heart sometimes. I can't even blame the players, though they were far from perfect, but the coaching is costing us points right now, and when you have a 2 goal lead as a fan and are still confident that your team is going to lose, that's saying something. I have ZERO confidence that this team will make the playoffs. I'm almost hoping they lose 6 or 7 in a row, trade away some players and get another 1st overall pick and hopefully, realize exactly how inept they are collectively as a franchise.

Eberle is obviously hurt, yet still playing, I guess we'll just wait for the moment where he takes a weird hit and turns a minor issue into a severe injury which will likely render him ineffective for all of next year.

Our 4th line, it seems is asked to play like a 3rd line when holding a lead, the only issue is that none of the three guys are even average in 5-on-5 defense. They can hold their own on a PK where they just have to collapse, or forechecking offensively, but holding the fort defensively is not their forte', yet for some strange reason, they are asked to change their game from an effective format to an ineffective format.

I officially jumped on the #firekrueger bandwagon today. We need a coach who plays to win the game. Anytime you have a team coached to win against a team coached not to lose, odds are on the team thinking offense.


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