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Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
I think Gionta's traded, but trading Gionta is too risky when the team is in first place. You run a huge risk of causing locker room issues by trading a captain and well respected player, which can translate to losses on the ice.

The time to trade Gionta is in the offseason. Get more picks and/or prospects and then fill the hole through Free Agency. I would love to get a 2nd rounder for Gionta and then bring in Perry or Clarkson to replace Gionta. Another step in the right direction in building a difficult to play against team.
I've got to laugh. Gionta IS difficult to play against! A two-way winger with speed who kills penalties and scores over 20 per year.

Mathieu Darche said this week that if the players had voted on the captain at the time that Gionta was chosen, they would have voted for Brian unanimously.

I would love to sign Gionta to an extension at a bit less money. Maybe go with the spirit of the CBA and have an agreement with the captain and his agent to sign one-year deals but with the intention of working out a new dollar amount each year and staying together as long as his legs hold up?

I would do the same with Markov, one-year renewals each year for market value. I think both these guys love to wear their letter on their uniform and are great role models for the younger players. If they are willing to accept less money, commensurate with their contributions, thus continuing to provide leadership while allowing the club to give more money to youngsters that are improving, why not? What Stanley Cup winning team does not have some good vets?

Marc Bergevin has said that he wants to breed the right culture. In my opinion, Gionta and Markov are PART OF that right culture. In yuears gone by, the Habs held on to Beliveau and Henri Richard and Jacques Laperriere until their retirement. True, there was no salary cap, but again, ** IF ** they are willing to take a reasonable salary and limit their contracts to one year at a time, it would be GREAT to have that continuity.... as long as the team is improving or at the top. The dumbest thing to do would be to finally GET that right culture, start winning consistently, and then throw it away by dumping respected veterans.

The club does not have to risk losing these guys for nothing. If Markov or Gionta does not sign their extension by Feb 1 of any given year, they can be traded at the deadline for a pick or prospect.

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