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03-16-2013, 06:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Chapin Landvogt View Post
Funny you mention that, because I noticed this once in the game in TB last night (where I didn't think Bailey was all that good, BTW). It ended up getting picked off and he was being checked in the instance.

Still, I don't if it's a consequential point of comparison with these two. I mean, it's not like Bailey can't make a hard, crisp pass. They techically all can at this level. But when guys are in movement, often the best thing to do is to put the puck in a spot and at a speed so that your teammate can skate into it while on the move. I'm sure Strome can or will also do this at times too. It's a good hockey play - often the best choice.
Respectfully, but strongly, I disagree. Maybe in the NHL of the past, but pretty much only in 4 on 4 play in the NHL play does this strategy work with any regularity. There just is not enough room in the neutral zone for open-area passes to work.

The way Bailey plays indicates his lack of confidence and/or hockey sense. Whether you consider this a 'technical' passing ability to some other element of skill or hockey sense doesn't matter to me. Strome does way more with passes. Strome will immediately upon entry to the NHL be a better playmaker than Bailey. Strome will have a hard time winning puck battles, of course, but I think Bailey's shortcomings in this regard are pretty clear if you look. I've paid specific attention to Bailey turning pucks over by passing blindly to 'open' areas for a while now.



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