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07-31-2006, 03:41 PM
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Originally Posted by DaHabsRule View Post
So I searched for this series... I figured you'd be exaggerating a bit as Expos fans always exaggerate how good their attendance was during the good days. There was no Braves series in August, but there was in July so I assume you meant that one.

Here were the three crowds for that series:


While good, the Expos simply were never, ever able to draw that massive crowd which all the good baseball markets are able to draw. It's just a sad reality, but perhaps people in Montreal just didn't care quite as much as people here seem to think.
In the pennant race in '79, here are some of the September home date attendance figures. Please also note the peculiarity that in that Month Montreal was involved in 8 scheduled double headers, of which 4 were at home.

Against Astros: 30,410; no data; 25,064
reds: 34,820; 42,752; 41,096
Mets: 48,366; 14,064 (afternoon game)
Cubs: 33,910; 15,121; 19,108
St Louis: 48,459; 59,282
Pittsburgh: 54,609; 56,976
Phil: 40,303; 50,332; 50,824

Games on the Road that same month:
At Wrigley: 9,000; 14,767
At Busch: 19,782; 28,434; 46,351
At Atlanta: 6,757
At Mets: 4,973 doubleheader!; 4,229 another double header next day
At Phil: 35,186; 26,507
At Pittsburgh (team in race against the Expos!):47,268; 31,348; 42,043

So as for "massive" crowds? 59,282 does not qualify?

Look at the games in Pittsburgh who won the series that year. The main opponent in town and P'burgh draws about 121,000 in 3 dates. At home Montreal drew almost 112,000 in 2dates!

Look at the attendance for the Mets games in Shea. two double headers. Less than 10,000 for two total Double headers. Less than 5,000 per DH!

Atlanta at less than 7,000

A supreme ball city like StL: 100,000 over 3 games.

Wrigley? 9,000 and 14,000 ???

So let us not be saying that we did not large crowds with a good team. And when comparing to other cities, especially Pittsburgh, lets not be too critical about getting fans to see a good team. Pittsburgh won the series that year.

The support was there by Expos fans. Certainly more than in keeping with other cities.

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