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Originally Posted by habsrule4eva3089 View Post
Name me one defenseman in the World who can cover Ryan Getzlaf when he has the puck and he's protecting it in the offensive zone lol. I don't get the hate for Getzy he's a top 10 Canadian player and he's just as much as a lock as Toews. No speed? Are you crazy, he's 6 foot 4 and his ability to get to spaces is quite quickly. and define speed? The game is not going to be a transition game for the whole 60 minutes, it's the players who can play in the small areas and can create and Getzy is as good as you can get.
Totally agree. His speed and defensive cover seems to be underrated here. I don't say he's like Crosby or Duchene, but considering his size, he's a very good skater.

And in my opinion, the speed on international ice is a little bit overrated - yes, it's important, but you're not going to get gold only because your team has the fastest skaters. BUT - I agree with J.Slater though. I'm just saying that I would not leave Getzlaf off the roster because of speed, his speed is ok for me. If you gonna leave him off because of no versatiliy, then it's ridiculous. I wouldn't be against him as a left winger with Toews as the center on that line with Perry, and if Getz is not playing well on the left side, then switch him and Jonathan Toews.

It could be like this:

Tavares - Crosby - Neal
E.Staal - Stamkos - St.Louis
Toews - Getzlaf - Perry
Nash - Bergeron - Giroux / Sharp

13th: Sharp / Giroux

Somebody might go crazy about Toews as a winger, but didn't he played some minutes on a wing at 2010 olympics ? And I think Toews can play better as a left-winger than Stamkos, who's on the left on many rosters here.

All I'm saying is I don't think Toews will be a left-winger, but it wouldn't be a problem if he was.

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