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03-16-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by NineHoleGoal View Post
My 2 cents on Bailey, and I preface this by saying there really isn't any bias in regards to my profile pic.

When you examine what Bailey went through last year:

1) He hit rock bottom by Nov/Dec and was demoted to the 4th line.
2) The media and fans started to forget about him. He was allowed to just get lost in the 4th line. He reinvented his game by getting back to the basics of skating, fore-checking, and good old-fashioned hard work.
3) Matt Martin: Playing with him on the 4th line started giving Bailey a little spark. Together they moved up to the 3rd line for 6-8 weeks and I noticed Bailey starting to emulate Martin by finishing checks and just overall hard work. Martin also started playing better too and I thought there was an unspoken chemistry that formed. In the Tampa Bay game Thursday I saw them on the ice together (perhaps by accident) but Bailey had jump in his step, had a good hit, and made a good play on that shift.
4) His improved work ethic earned him a spot on the PK, and he thrived.
5) He was rewarded with the RW spot with Grabs/Neilsen. He brought that hard work, physical energy with him and finished strong.

What Bailey needs is to get back to that hard working, hard skating, check-finishing style of play.

Give him a little 3rd line time with Martin and Reasoner. I bet his game will be elevated in time for the playoff push, then move him up to 2nd or 1st line. I say 1st line because I'm really not a BOYES fan. He just doesn't do it for me. I'd take Parenteau any day over Boyes.
I think what Bailey needs is to play with linemates with offensive talent. Not what he has now.

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