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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
They have five at the moment. They have the top four, and Mathews, who is going to be a player IMO. Binns and Moore will probably be gone after next season, if not earlier if they pick up someone else.

They do need to figure out the tackle position quickly. Id like to see either Long re-signed or Winston brought in. We can have the best skill position players, but they wont do any good if we cant protect Tanny. Hopefully Long signs since he left St Louis without a deal.
Marlon Moore though is a RFA and they like him because he can play on special teams too so you can count him among the guys we have currently. I know the one thing that I've read that the team wants is a big red zone target (think Oronde Gadsden). None of the guys I see out there would fit that and I think that means we will go with what we already have into next season unless they decide to trade/waive Bess. I like Mathews too from what I have seen and think he may develop into a guy that could replace one of Gibson or Bess by next yr.

I think the team is waiting on Long at this point to work out a deal with him first & foremost. If they can get him for around $8M for next season, that makes sense. And I think signing him to a 1 yr deal is the best choice so that he proves he's healthy and can get a long term deal if he does. That'll delay our need to make a move of Jonathan Martin to LT too.

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