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03-16-2013, 09:27 AM
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In the short term (until they add the two teams we all know are coming) , the western conference has been stronger than the eastern for a few years now - evens out some of the odds.

I'd rather have an 8 of 16 chance in the east than an 8 in 14 chance in the west.

Expansion will happen when the Panthers finally have a good team so that someone can poach valuable players off our roster - book it.
I wouldnt worry too much about expansion TBH. The rules are pretty straight forward in how you can protect guys too. We would be one of the teams only protecting one goalie so we can protect more roster players. That option means we can protect 5 d-men and 9 forwards. So the only guys exposed would be bottom 6 forwards, overpriced vets by that point, or maybe a youngster or 2 that hasnt been able to crack our already deep lineup. If there was an expansion draft tomorrow, it would be easy to protect our valuable players and remain as good as we did before. Heck, when Columbus & Minnesota were brought into the league, you didnt see any elite teams losing top talent then (see list here -

But really expansion is so far off from now that we have no idea who will be in our lineup. They would have to re-align again just to accommodate expansion just like happened when we came into the league because the most likely expansion teams would be in the Eastern part of North America. They wouldnt re-align now just to re-align in 3-4 yrs IMO. So don't expect expansion for at least another 5-6 yrs IMO. Maybe even closer to when the CBA expires in like 7 yrs from now.

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