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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
I disagree. I didn't really agree with how Eller was treated under Martin, but Eller has developed his defensive skills very well under Martin.
In his first season here, his defensive game wasn't all that great. He improved it over time. By his 2nd year, he had become a much more solid defensive center, and once Martin saw it, he started playing Eller versus tougher opposition.
Not only that, but he also gave Eller an offensive winger in AK. Those two along with Moen dominated their opponents and were our hottest trio. They absolutely owned their opposition.

After that Martin got fired. RC came in, banned all creativity from this team and imposed a ''as soon as you have the puck, dump it'' philosophy, to the point where if you had the puck for more than 2-3 seconds on your stick, you'd probably get an earful. He also dismantled that line and put AK with Gomez as a 4th line despite that duo having failed to create much of anything earlier in the year.
RC also decided to make Eller play versus the toughest match up, I remember a game vs Detroit where Datsyuk scored while Eller's line was on, and then he got benched.
Another game, Eller gets benched in the 3rd, not 1sec of play in Overtime, yet he is used as the 3rd shooter in the Shootouts.

RC was a horrible coach. Just flat out bad. His assistant, RL, seemed just as bad with his lame ''mean coach'' attitude. They were awful.

Martin however, I'm pretty sure helped Eller's defensive game. Just look at how solid he is defensively now. That didn't happen this year, and it certainly wasn't under the Randys either.
Not to impose or anything, but Eller was pretty set defensively from draft day, at least when it came to the tools.

I would say the SEL is the biggest contributor to his Defensive tools, no doubt JM milked those tools.

But I would say that Ellers Defensive game is part of the reason St. Louis drafted him.

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