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Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Not really. Both are mediocre in that area, but I would give Getzlaf a minor edge. On international ice where speed/agility are required to a greater degree, Stamkos has obviou advantages.
I'd say Getzlaf is slightly above average in the NHL while Stamkos is slightly below average. So I don't think it's really close. There's a reason why the Ducks have been so dominant this season. Getzlaf has been their best player.

Even last year in Getzlaf's awful season, he wasn't THAT bad defensively.

Heck, his wikipedia page says contributes both offensively and defensively is widely know as a two-way centre. Can't disagree with wiki

You're underrating Getzlaf's skating, and overrating its impact on big ice. Getzlaf is a good puck possession, he won't need to chase it around the ice.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
What does the length of the Olympics have to do with anything? I'm saying that Getzlaf has been great so far this year, but it's only 26 games. Every year in the NHL there are players who get off to a great start and then lose steam. If Getzlaf cooled off to a 1 PPG pace then I doubt he is penciled in as a lock. My criticism of Getzlaf has more to do with his style of play than his last season, which was clearly abnormally poor for him.
The short length of the Olympics means performance over 82 games isn't that important.

For example, I would pick Giroux for the Olympics. If it was 82 game tournament instead of the current format, there is no way in heck I would pick Giroux. Giroux is just awful defensively over the course of an NHL season. His effort is bad and at times pathetic.

Now, he is capable of playing well defensively. In a short tournament, I have no doubt Giroux will do whatever is necessary to win, including being responsible defensively. And obviously he is one of the most talented offensive players available.

Now, maybe Getzlaf was awful in his last 82 game season. Does that mean a more consistent but less talented player will be more effective in a short Olympic tournament? No.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
I hate this mentality. Every line should be capable both offensively and defensively. Every line on Canada should be expected to score due to the talent available, and they should all be expected to be effective defensively.
Agreed. But Getzlaf is not bad defensively.

My mentality is goal differential. Say Line A scores averages 5 GF per game, but 2 GA per game. Say Line B averages 2.5 GF per game and 0.5 GA per game.

Clearly Line B is better defensively, but Line A is a better all around line.

I pick the best all around players, and Getzlaf fits the bill.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
Well, Stamkos likely comes as a package with St. Louis, and I would take St. Louis defensively over any of Getzlaf, Perry or Stamkos. Factoring in the larger ice surface and that edge grows. I would consider E. Staal strongly for either line, so that is moot. If Canada was caught behind the goal line or deep in a corner, I would much rather have Stamkos or St. Louis skating to make up space than Getzlaf or Perry.
I would take Getzlaf over St. Louis defensively.

Originally Posted by JackSlater View Post
I agree that Getzlaf is one of the 13 best forwards right now, and he pretty much has to play second line centre (which is a limiting factor). Picking the team shouldn't be about simply selecting the 13 best forwards though. The right players are needed for the right roles, and Getzlaf can only play one role, while there are others who can play that role and others at least at a comparable level.
What you're saying here is a non issue. Crosby and Toews are the locks to play centre. Bergeron should as well. There isn't a single other player who can ''only'' play centre. Staal, Stamkos, Benn, Tavares, Grioux, etc can all play the wing. Therefore, there is a centre spot available.

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