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03-16-2013, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Gret99zky View Post
Complete fail by Krueger in the 3rd period vs. Detroit.

He clearly was coaching not to lose.

He changed what was working during the first two periods in the hopes of protecting a lead by playing too defensively.

After the game he stated that was not the plan. Athough the evidence said otherwise.

I think Ralph is over his head coaching this team in this league.
So, you think Krueger was telling them to lose every battle in the third period to protect the lead? Some of you guys seem to have to always have someone to blame, so anything you can twist to blame someone, you do. All it looked like to me is the players gassed after just getting back from the longest road trip in their history. They stopped winning any battles or getting to the lose pucks. Then when they actually had the puck they started panicking with it because Detroit was all over them, rather than making plays.

I didn't see anything that suggested a change in coaching strategy, other than less playing time for a Harti and Yak, who have a history of game losing mess ups in the third period/overtime.

Every year this happens, no matter who the coach, and everyone always freaks out, "OH THE COACH IS TURTLING, WHAT AN IDIOT, THIS LOSS IS ALL HIS FAULT". Fact is, players always play more carefully when they have the lead in the third - as you should. Some players aren't very good at that and go too far and kill the offense too much (defensemen in particular tend to just panic and dump it out rather than trying to make a play, which is the main reason for the offense dying). It has very little to do with the coaching, and every coach in the league would get your wrath when it doesn't work out. And this is a young, mediocre team, so it's not going to work out A LOT. Have you guys not noticed the same thing happening throughout the oilers history, no matter the coach? It happens to all the other teams too, you just don't watch all their games so you don't notice. You don't always need a witch hunt and someone to point the finger at.

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