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03-16-2013, 10:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Ailurophile View Post
It's really difficult to understand if you have never had one. At their worst they are literally crippling. You are so scared and terrified and sometimes you feel even death would be a welcome escape.

It's really dark and negative, and 99.9% of it is a mental battle. I don't wish them on anyone, but I think if everyone experienced it at least once it would go a long way in fighting them and understanding them better. Chemical imbalance is only a small part of it. That's why the drugs they shove down your throat hurt more than they help.
Well I also think she overplays it. Just my opinion, but she always seems happy and perfectly fine and I just think she uses it as an excuse for attention. She's a weird one. Without getting too much into all this (lol) she had her son pretty much because my daughter was born and seeing her get all the attention from our parents and other family members made her jealous beyond belief. She cried on the ride home from the hospital. 1 week later she announced she was pregnant. Then she had PPD. I still think she kind of regrets it because she wasn't ready for a kid, she just hates me or anything i do or create getting more attention than her.

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