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03-16-2013, 11:46 AM
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I have a slightly different take on the game. The Oil were doing well until the 3rd period. People talk a lot about the team changing it up and going into a shell and tightening up in the 3rd.

Well heres the deal. Penalty calls in the 3rd were 3-0 against us. With 1 or 2 of them being completely bogus, and particularly the Brown penalty. The two other plays were simply stupid. Horcoff gloving the puck in the dot(this is our captain) and Harti losing his mind jumping up to make a hit. (why tempt fate like that?)

The net result of 6mins in penalties in one period(and who specifically got them, i.e. all forwards) meant that our configured lines were screwy the rest of the way. Then you get sitting back killing penalties and the flow of the game changes. This itself is not coaching, its players allowing the flow of the game to change through taking dumb penalties and allowing something like this to occur.

Next, even given the penalties we were OK. Lets recall that Petry, with yet another braincramp seizure, with all kinds of time, somehow decides he's going to shoot the puck behind the net (lets denote this was a poor play to begin with as detroit was pressuring down low and around the net.) Why not throw it in a corner if in doubt. Sounds like a plan that a pro hockey D could be cognizant of. Well, Petry fires it right in his own net. Lets be clear here too. It wasn't off a post or deflected or anything, he found ALL NET.

Well of course that one play was the entire game. You give up one like that and everybody is stunned. Not because its a mistake but because its unbelievably stupid.

W T F ? Does Petry play soccer or something? Soccer defenders will play the ball behind the goal line conceding a corner kick, but in hockey, and with nobody on your club behind the net I'm not convinced this was a good plan in the first place. What it was is sheer panic. From somebody with way too many games and experience to be doing this sort of thing.

But even given that the Oilers battled through and we're resilient. I would imagine they would have got through this and get the result. Then with 5mins left the refs make a ridiculous call on Brown. I believe replays show that the players own stick highsticked him. Detroit evens it up on the PP.

In the OT rather than the team being tentative as people suggest in the pgt I found that we were deplorable positionally. 4 on F against a savvy vet club with superstars on it is not the time to be pinching and overcommitting jumping up on the play. We were giving up odd man situations in OT.. It was timeout time imo as we were tempting fate before the winning goal.

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