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03-16-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Corncob View Post
You don't seem to be including Toronto's last cup in your calculations .

This is a bit facile, so until 2011 Montreal's approach was working and Boston's wasn't because Montreal had won a cup more recently, but now Boston's is working and Montreal's isn't?

And also because I doubt you can actually find anyone who disagrees that two things the Habs could actually use are a big defenseman or two to clear out the front of the net and a top six forward with a bit of a nasty streak. Both of which Boston clearly have. What Boston have not made a habit of carrying is a goon that can't skate a regular shift so to extrapolate from that that we should eagerly grasp at any scrub that happens to be on waivers that neither their own team nor 28 others actually want is clearly erroneous.
I agree with you regarding the need to have a big tough winger added to the team, like Clowe.

Two big strong DMen as well.

Your Toronto mention is good comedy though.

Its like some fat nerd kid seeing Leonardo Dicaprio driving up in his Porsche and a supermodel gets out of the car.

So he buys a Porsche and wonders why he cant get any supermodels to go out with him.

It still takes talent. A Porsche helps though.

Toronto does not have the offensive talent to be mentioned, regardless of what tough guys they have on their team.

It takes balance and as much as you non-fighters disagree, yes, part of that balance is having someone BIG who will long as other teams in the League have big guys who are fighting.

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