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Originally Posted by freedomisamyth View Post
I really don't understand how you guys think Krueger is the big problem here. He replaces an erratic rookie, who earlier in the season lost several games for the oilers with terrible plays, with a veteran who has been there before, and you guys think that's such a terrible move? If he had left yak out there and he had a brain fart and caused a goal, you'd be all over Krueger for being an idiot too.

Besides, personally I don't think that particular change had much effect on the game at all anyways. I realize that both in this game and the Chicago game it sure looked like we stopped playing in the third and that correlates with Yak being subbed out, but correlation is not causation. You don't think it could be that the oilers got tired, considering that they were on (or just back from) the road trip from hell? You don't think it could be that the opposition players are really freakin good and came out firing in the third and we just couldn't stop them? Chicago is the best team in the league, and we won and people still complain about that? In the third all you saw was Zetterberg and Datsyuk schooling us shift after shift (I swear one of them was on the ice for about 90% of the shifts in the third), but somehow that's the coaches fault? You guys have to realize that there are some really good players in the league, and sometimes they just make things happen. Throw in some bad luck (petry goal) and some bad reffing (man were there a lot of interference calls that could have been made in the third, and yet they kept calling the oilers for ticky tack plays), and you have a loss. Blaming Krueger is just a witchhunt.
I'm never all over Krueger for playing Yakupov on his proper line until the end of the game when he's having a solid night. Not sure who you're thinking of, but you'll never hear complaining about the coach going for the 3-0 goal, then the 4-0 goal, then the 5-0 goal from me. Bury them. Finish them. Heap it on. Better to go down swinging than slumping.

I'm also not making a correlation to causation argument. No one is saying that was the only cause of what happened in both games. This is much more about the theory behind how you finish a game and learning from experience.

Your last sentence is laughable. I'm never seen a witch nor do I hunt. Years of reports would make that quite clear.

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