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Originally Posted by JaredCowenFan View Post
Yeah I will, and can I get one on your team, more in depth.
Right on, thanks man.

Prince Albert Raiders:

Coach: Steve Young
Location: Well, basically nowhere. Hour and a half northeast of Saskatoon.
Goalie: Luke Siemens. This kid carries the Raiders playoff chances. When he's on, I think he can be one of the better goaltenders in the league, but when he's off, literally everything goes in. For example, in two different games against Moose Jaw (obviously a terrible team) he gave up one goal on 35 shots, and in the other game, gave up 6 on 13. If he can put together solid games one after another, the Raiders will give a lot of teams trouble.
Captain: Mark McNeill. At this level, he's a good offensive player, but that's not going to be his bread and butter in the NHL. He already looks and plays like a 28 year old hockey player. Is very strong on the puck, great in corners, great forechecker. Good enough vision, passing, and shooting, but none of them are game changing factors.
Best offensive player(s): I couldn't only pick one, so you get two. First of all, Anthony Bardaro. I don't think he's played a game on the first line since McNeill got back from the WJHC, but he's one of the better second liners in the league. He has really good offensive zone positioning, and a lethal shot. The other is Leon Draisaitl. If you haven't seen him play, this is the guy to keep an eye on. Lately he's been playing 1st line centre (yes, centre, McNeill slides to RW for this kid) with McNeill and Knutsen. Words can't express how highly I think of this kid. He has the best vision I have ever seen in a player this young. Incredible passer, with a bit of a flair for style, as I can't remember the last time he threw a non-saucer pass. He has a very good shot, great positioning in all zones, goes into corners, plays all special teams, and works hard. His only (minor) flaw in my books is his skating. He's a very long strider, and makes big loops instead of stopping and starting.
Best D-Man: Josh Morrisey, and it isn't close. He's not the biggest or most physical player, but he's solid positionally defensively, and is one of the premiere offensive defenseman in the league. You'll probably notice that he doesn't take many slapshots from the point, he prefers taking wristers or snappers to keep his accuracy tight, and they're both hard enough to allow for that.
So far as the rest of the defenseman go.. Yikes. This is where we lose, when we lose. Next best defenseman are probably Ruopp (a glorified fighter) Busenius (decent PMD) and Vandane (he's basically just big [6'6"]).

This team is definitely offense based. McNeill, Draisaitl, Morrissey, Bardaro, Mike Winther, Shane Danyluk, Dakota Conroy, Reid Gardiner, and Chance Braid are all very talented offensive players, and if you guys don't have a good PK unit, you'll more than likely be giving up a PPG a game. (The top unit is McNeill, Draisaitl, Winther, Morrissey, and Knutsen. It's deadly.) A problem with this team, in my opinion, is that they seem to overlook teams. They'll have, for a random example, have two games in three days, one against Regina and one against Edmonton, and get slaughtered by the Pats and then beat the Kings. It's ridiculous, and it's why I'm worried about the first round. The Raids always play their best hockey against the best teams, and don't be offended by this, but I'm scared that they're going to look past the Rebels at Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon.

If you have any other questions, shoot, but I think that was a fairly good summary of the Raids' strengths and weaknesses.

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