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07-31-2006, 03:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Darz View Post
In the new NHL world where teams ability to spend fluxuates on a yearly basis, they really need to adopt a system that allows teams to rid themselves of contracts similiar to the NFL. I assume this will be the biggest sticking point between owners and players when negotiating the next CBA.
Good point , the bottoml ine is the players want no risk in any deals. If he signs for
$ 2 mil and plays like crap ,he gets paid , if he plays as expected , he gets his 2 mil
if he plays above, he squawks and gets an extension . The year later he goes back to mediocrity and now the extension you gave him is out of whack , because you expected more from him . But as long as the payer/agent get their scratch who cares if the owner gets the bad end of the deal . Until these ******** people in the hockey world wake up and collectivley be on the same page , this will never end .

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