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Originally Posted by Nihiliste View Post
I don't find it particularly useful to discuss this trade outside of the context the Sherman thread. In my mind it's a pretty clear loss unless EJ starts putting up some points and Siemens becomes a 2/3 defender (which he might, but more like 4 years down the road).

But what's done is done and we have to move forward from here. Many GMs have made big mistakes during their rebuilds - Cam barker with 3rd overall, Hickey with 4th overall as examples - and the teams have still gone on to be successful.

My main interest in discussing it is that I don't think Sherman, or whoever is actually in charge of decisions for us, has done a particularly good job for us in this rebuild, contrary to what was popular opinion on our forum in the past, and I would rather we have someone better running our team. Not going to happen though so what can you do.
I wouldn't say this trade is anywhere near selecting two of the biggest busts in the last 10 years. (Perhaps I misread and you were providing extreme examples of screw ups, not directly comparing the decisions)

I bet when all is said and done, St. Louis is going to wish they had Seimens. Not in the sense that they wish they didn't do the trade obviously, but in the sense that Seimens would be a great guy to have to play next to either of their right handed defencemen. If you read their board, Jackman has helped Shatty, and now he is helping Petro. They were joking about needing him cloned. RS said Seimens is basically a better skating version of Jackman. Seimens playing in the AHL/NHL next year will definitely give a better glimpse of what the Avs may have got out of the trade.

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