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Originally Posted by SealsFan View Post

Ya.... nice boots. Whats New KittyKat?... In the all time list of people committing crimes of of fashion in sports, the eccentric Charlie O. Finley deserves life.... he lifted the Oakland A's colours right down to the pantone #'s, doing a fantastic job on the jerseys etc but c'mon here, white skates? Manufacturers at that time had introduced two tone colour matched skate boots (like black & red, blue & white off the shelf) which lasted just for all about 3 seconds after the laughter had subsided, re-called & re-coloured to solid blacks & browns. But I guess Charlie O. there loved a fad, decides nu unh, lets kick it up a few notches, go all white like the A's. Anecdotally I've read how the players forced to wear them went nuts, taking it in the teeth wherever they played, ridiculed with invective thats not too hard to imagine. The white boots were dropped, going with the slightly less hideous green & yellow... then a complete morph to new powder blue jerseys & colour scheme, again with the idiotic coloured boots but they were "optional" and as I recall only one or three players actually wearing them.

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