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Originally Posted by MandyAlwaysKnows View Post
If Stamkos plays with Crosby, I don't think you have to worry about his offensive production from the wing. He plays like a winger, the transition will not be hard for him.

He's also weak defensively and I expect Team Canada with their system will expect the centre to be the primary defensive forward on the line.

Bergeron is a centre through and through. So good defensively, and obviously SO GOOD at faceoffs. If it's between him and Stamkos to play centre, Bergeron is the easy choice imo.

I'd also rather have Giroux at centre than Stamkos.

Getz and Perry are a package for me. Both there or none.

Despite my pro-Getzlaf arguing in this thread, I'm still not sold on either being there.

If Eberle and/or Hall get hot next year, and they simply can't be left off and have surpassed Perry, then I'm fine with leaving both Perry and Getzlaf off the team.

I'm pro Getzlaf right now:
-Perry is better than any other natural wing not named Nash, and could be useful on a scoring line
-Getzlaf is a beast and securely a top 10 Canadian forward
-Their superior play outweighs their disadvantage on big ice compared to other players

Locks right now are: Crosby, Stamkos, Tavares, Giroux, Toews, Nash, Staal and Bergeron.
I suspect we're debating some minor points, but regardless, here are my thoughts:

- Perry is more dependent on Getzlaf, than Getzlaf is on Perry. Their style works extremely well on the NHL-sized ice, but I believe we'd see at least similar, if not superior, results from a Getzlaf-centered line on the international ice surface if we paired him up with a strong-skating, power-forward type player like a Nash, Hall, maybe even a Neal, Kane or a Duchene. Personally I think Getzlaf would look good with anybody that has a nose for the net and the ability to find open spaces in the offensive zone. Thus, my view of the possibility of de-coupling them (i.e., I don't see them as a package deal)

- Along with Nash, St. Louis, Neal, and Kane are outperforming Perry this year, then we start thinking about a host of others that would either play different roles on Team Canada (Sharp, maybe even Ladd merits discussion), or would frankly look better on the international ice given their speed (Seguin, Hall, Duchene).

- Its likely Stamkos, if he were slotted in at center, would garner the softest matchups at ES. The opposition's best checking line would certainly focus on Crosby's line, and a two-way Toews or Bergeron line would be matched-up against the opposition's top line (the Sedins and Malkins). I don't see an issue, from a defensive perspective, of having Stamkos play center. And for the record, I'd like to see Staal on his LW, a big, strong, responsible two-way threat.

- I don't see an issue with Bergeron playing wing; he'd simply take the faceoff instead of his linemate and he's always going to be the one tasked with proper positioning for defensive purposes (whether he's playing wing or center). Slotting him at RW might free up a more offensively-minded center (Crosby/Stamkos/Getzlaf) to focus more on what they're good at - offense.

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