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03-16-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Coach Parker View Post
What made it worse is that the Habs fans really got along with the Lightning and Canucks fans. Both of those teams had styles or players that the Canadiens fans could easily cheer for against Boston. Icing on the cake was having Habs fans watch the Bruins win three game sevens (including against Montreal) on the way to the Cup. It couldn't have gone any worse for them that year (first round exit to Boston).

This Toronto team is the 2007-2008 Boston Bruins. THey remind me so much of that team it is scary. Boston eventually lost in game 7 against Montreal, but that game 6 in Bsoton when Sturm scored marked the return of the Bruins to the playoffs and contending for the Cup.

This year is the Leafs year to return to the playoffs and have that one big win in the first round that starts the march forward. I wonder who their 'Sturm' is going to be?
Oh I don't know, 4 game losing streak, I think leaf fans are getting the 'here we go again' sentiment. Hopefully Carlyle solves the bad losing streak in a manner Ron Wilson never could.

The Lightning might be the most french canadian in the NHL (including the habs) so no surprise they'd identify with them.

What truly appauled me about the habs fans was the rematch of the Bruins and Canucks the next year; Max Lapierre and Dale Weise both pulling the 'glove shake fake' attempting to start fights and then run away. Practically all of the HF boards were calling it a gutless rat move including folks who likely hate the bruins (Lightning, Flyers, Sabre fans) yet Habs fans seemed to think it was great. That truly affirmed that my hatred for the Habs maybe isn't blind if they are willing to support the destruction of the game.

Thank you bruins for saving hockey in 2011.

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