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03-16-2013, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
What good does picking 15-30th again do? If we're going to acquire a pick, we might as well pay up and make it a top 10.

Listen, whatever, another bad game. We're going through a terrible stretch and it's putrid and revolting. I don't know why the team comes out so flat. I don't know why they seem less like a team than they have at any point since the last lockout. I don't know why the talented guys can't perform. I don't know why Torts can't adapt. I don't know and I don't even care. I'm never going to just give up on the TEAM and say "well, that's the season". I'd watch even if we were a bottom dweller. I'm not going to tear individuals up and try to diagnose the problems.

But PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, get Richards off this team.
I'm with you man, I agree with the philosophy regarding not giving up and watching even if we are dead last. But what makes this hurt even more is we gutted half of our team for a "superstar" that can't play defense, takes stupid penalties, but makes nice dekes here and there and is our leading scorer. I honestly think if we kept our team together from last season, we would be doing much better. We were supposed to be the big bad wolf of the East. Now we can't even get out of our own zone...we use the board and the walls, everybody knows Tort's system is very weak. It relies on fluky goals and plays from behind the net. Can we PLEASE get a change of attitude and mentality? I am tired of Torts because he doesn't take the blame, he always deflects it to the players. He never adjusts in-game. He just has no pulse on the team...

I agree with taking Richards off the team. We play better without him slowing us down. I really want Tortorella and Richards far,far away off this team.

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