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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post
Hey OHL fan, any idea what the rest of the story is, or will be ? Don't know how moving the team will improve your product on the ice and considering ERIE'S record, do you really think another city, will come even close to the amazing turn out ERIE fans give, in spite of the team performance. I was reading on some site, or news article, that out of their last 135 games, ERIE has only won 28, WOW !, is that true?

I guess you guys finnishing as low as you do, will get some high picks in the 2013 draft, but do you really think these players under the circumstances will even report ? As good as they are,16 year olds can rarely save a team.

LONDON, never, ever has that problem, whether the player is drafted in the Ist round or 15th round, when LONDON players are asked "Will you report if we draft you ?" their response is "Hell I would walk to training camp if I have to"

Good luck man, your city and the fans deserve a winning team !
For tonight's game , the last of the year in which the Otters won 18 there are, as of 4:00 less than a hand full of tickets left.
I would ask the fans of London or ANY other O H L team would they have a sell out with a record like ours?

I have said all along the location of the team does not matter.. this group of players in any other city would still be the same players on the ice . is this a true statement?
bring the new management here , if the team is sold. to say if the new owners are Canadian, they will move the team is foolish ,I M H O .
Bassin is Canadian, right? so why not take advantage of the new digs and LOYAL fan base?

let me hear your reasons for a move......

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