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Originally Posted by billybudd View Post
This tells me only that you're perfectly happy to put your head in the sand. There's a lot of violence in hockey. If you found violence morally repugnant, you wouldn't watch hockey period until it was ALL removed.

Far more players have had their lives changed from "legal" checks than have ever had that happen from fighting. But you're not objecting to violence in hockey. You're objecting to "fighting." Fighting is violence without any pretenses. So you're saying that violence is okay with you as long as you can pretend it's not violence.

This is like only eating meat made from animals that were raised in luxury and calling it "humane," then decrying anybody who has any old ham sandwich. If you're eating meat at all, the animal died violently, squealing and writhing in pain as its life was snuffed out. Different people accept this, ignore this, reject meat for this reason. Rejecting meat could be seen as the conscionable choice. Ignoring the violence involved in the slaughter of livestock and eating it anyway, while looking down on the group that admits it's brutal, is an exercise in denial, not an exercise of conscience, but you would like to pretend otherwise, which is a seriously deluded place to put yourself.
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