Thread: Confirmed with Link: Canucks Sign F Kellan Lain to an ELC
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03-16-2013, 05:06 PM
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Sounds like a pretty decent use of a contract to me. In terms of skill set, he sounds like Oreskovich with a mean/physical streak to me. Big, strong, apparently pretty fast, but lacking the offensive skills to put up any significant numbers at the NHL level. That he's a center with good faceoff skills is a bonus.

Came across these other reports too:

Kellan Lain #57: Lain’s a 23-year-old from Lake Superior State, and he looks like he’s 23. His skill level wasn’t off-the-charts amazing or anything like that, but he was very big at 6’6” and at least 210 pounds, he was very fast and he was very easily physical. He wasn’t intimidated by the skill drills at all and his fundamentals looked particularly good, but that’s just a first impression.

But the star, for me, was Kellan Lain. He was picked up as a free agent out of Lake Superior State. He's listed as 6'6", 210 lbs, and he looks it. For a big guy, he really doesn't have trouble getting around. He's a good north-south skater, and he works well in traffic. He was setting up teammates and creating his own scoring chances. I saw him make great power moves to get to the front of the net. His shooting and passing skills are probably only average, but when you see him use all that size effecitvely, he looks like a slightly less talented Dustin Penner. When I was watching him, I thought he'd look great digging out pucks for the twins and carrying the puck to the net so Perry can put back some rebounds. Whenever I see young college kids show up out of seemingly nowhere, I instantly think that David McNab has found another great prospect for the Ducks. Lain was all over the ice today and the coaches running the scrimmage seemed to never take him off. The old saying is you can't teach size. Lain has plenty of it, and enough skill to be useful on an NHL line. I'm going to be keeping my eye on him for the rest of camp and hope for the best.

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