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03-16-2013, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by ottergolfer View Post
For tonight's game , the last of the year in which the Otters won 18 there are, as of 4:00 less than a hand full of tickets left.
I would ask the fans of London or ANY other O H L team would they have a sell out with a record like ours?

I have said all along the location of the team does not matter.. this group of players in any other city would still be the same players on the ice . is this a true statement?
bring the new management here , if the team is sold. to say if the new owners are Canadian, they will move the team is foolish ,I M H O .
Bassin is Canadian, right? so why not take advantage of the new digs and LOYAL fan base?

let me hear your reasons for a move......
Bassin is the problem, what else needs to said. He has the fans', a great facility, what else does he need besides a better product on the ice. One knows the team is directly a reflection of the management and their lack of a solid foundation and hockey acumen. Poor drafting, poor-poor trading record etc. Playing players based on what? hearsay? because some are not based on their prior results or they would not see the ice if anyone one with some sense was in charge.

As always I wish the players the best. As for rest, good riddance.

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