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Originally Posted by blogofmike View Post
Actually it's exactly the same since it works out to 4 Cups in 5 years for both of them. To say that the Edmonton Oilers weren't a great playoff team, or that they couldn't perform with their backs to the wall is nonsense.

They made 6 Finals in 8 years. They had 5 Cups in 7 years, and the two losses came in 1986 after Steve Smith scored on their own net, and in 1989 when their best player was on the other team and helped turn what should have been a 4-0 sweep for the Gretzky Oilers into a Game 7 comeback from a 3-1 deficit.

Wayne Gretzky's Oilers would have kept winning. The only reason the OP can define the Gretzky Oilers dynasty as 1984-88 is because he was traded, not because they stopped winning. Even after they lost their top forward and defender, they were still Stanley Cup material.

The New York Islanders were kept together after 1983. They didn't lose Potvin and win a 4th Cup, then lose Bossy and win a 5th. They all stayed together. The Islanders dynasty ended because they stopped winning.

Even within the narrow frame of their first 4 Cups (+1986 for Edmonton), the Oilers are more dominant.

The Oilers .782 playoff win % from 84-88 beats the Isles .769 from 80-83.
The Oilers .640 RS win% beats the Isles .572.
I wouldn't bother my man. The fact that he's referring to the Oilers as "Team Arrogance" is all we need to know that that poster has an agenda. No amount of logic or rational evidence is going to crack that bottle of HaterAid so there's no point in letting him wind people up.

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