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03-16-2013, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Appleanche View Post
I doubt too many Avs fans will defend Sacco, but do you fire him now and put an interim replacement like Quinn or Army?

What if the team performs a bit better? Then you're in the position of sort of having to keep them.

Unless they hire Ruff or Roy, I'd rather just wait till the off season.
We'll have more options in the off-season, Cooper, Ruff, Tippet (His contract is up I'm pretty sure. Will he stay with the team not knowing where they may-be moving to?)

I also agree as well, they are probably not going to make many changes except maybe trying to clear dead weight from our defensive core.

We might see Zannon, O'Byrne and (Big maybe) Jones shipped out, but I don't think Sacco will be fired until the off-season. The time for that was about 10 games ago (Last off-season for me), it's too late to help the team.

Get the highest pick possible, and make some free-agent moves in the off-season. As well as a coaching change... Then see what we have next year.

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