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03-16-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
It was for the other team

The way it worked out in those two games was the lobby started up 4v4 as usual. One player dashboarded before the game started but it was too late because the game was already loaded in, 4v3. These games always follow the same pattern. Someone on the team with 3 quits, and then it's 4v2. When I'm part of the 2 I always just try to play the game out, but the other person always quits.

So, in those two games it was 4 v me, no point in playing that out and wasting time, so I quit, other team gets an auto win, and I get probation for quitting. w00 w00

EDIT - I see now. I should have worded my original post better. I was the last player left on my team.
ah, yeah, i totally read it as "my enemies quit and then so did i"

anyway, how is League play overall? I had some iffy experiences early on, is it at all better than plain matchmaking?

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