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03-16-2013, 06:24 PM
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There is no kind of coaching that can make a team a winning one with the kind of goaltending Giguere provided today. It was a disappointing and deflating performance from him.

That said, our transition game is terrible and it seems all you need to do against us is defend five men low and counter attack when Avs make mistakes. Have a little bit of traffic in the slot and Avs will start to lose players in coverage and you'll get great shooting opportunities.

I'm not going to pretend that Barrie in the AHL is the difference between Avs being a good team or not, but it sends terrible signals. It sends the signal that you don't earn a spot based on merit. Barrie has at worst been our third best defender this year. Everyone in that locker room knows he deserves to play over Zanon/O'Byrne/Hunwick etc. It also makes the lack of transition play from Avs somewhat of a self-inflicted wound. We have a guy that's really good in transition and our coach can't fit him on the team because he is supposedly a risk (despite allowing fewer shots against/60 minutes than many of the meatbags playing). And, as a final screw you to the fans, Barrie was one of the bright spots on the team this year. One of the reasons to watch Avs play. Instead, we get this. Ugh.

Sherman has to own constructing what is the worst defense in the league. The Zanon signing is one of the worst in team history, especially given the coach we have and his preference to play that kind of players.

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