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12-23-2003, 03:47 AM
Gros Bill
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Here are a final few notes about “The Pretzel Affair”.

I warned you all that it might be trap, set by Leafs’ fans, and look what happened. Lo and Behold, after a half decent game of hockey against one of the NHL’s hottest teams (the dreaded Maple Maybe Leafs) , a lucky bounce steals the point we should have stolen. Was it a grain of salt from your f** pretzel that made that puck bounce like that ? Look what your idle idolatry gave us : nothing. That pretzel is finito, over and out. Let’s not talk such foolishness again.

And now for a true heart-warming Christmas story :

It was the week before the night before Christmas. I was clipping my toenails, getting ready for all the celebrations. And something weird happened. All of a sudden, a vision appeared on my toe : Toe!

It was a magical moment, I felt transmogorified. I actually felt that I was cutting the hat off Toe Blake’s head, I swear to Rocket! Toe kept saying “Ouch ! Not so close”, and he kept scowling, his bulldog face staring back at me on my toe. On my Toe! It was eerie. And that’s when he said it, he said one last word, he said “Skate”. Ooooh, scary!

Well, needless to say, I have deposited the Sacred Christmas ToeNail Clipping, as some of you would call it, where it belongs (compost heap). As I have also kept the Sacred Toe where it belongs (attached to my foot).

I will finish with my good wishes for a Happy Christmas to all Habs fans, of all persuasions. Most of all, I wish you a Happy Hockey 2004, with the Canadiens in the playoffs and a crazy Cup run. And stay away from pretzels!

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