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03-16-2013, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by leova View Post
ah, yeah, i totally read it as "my enemies quit and then so did i"

anyway, how is League play overall? I had some iffy experiences early on, is it at all better than plain matchmaking?
I've been playing only league play as of late. I'm not a serious gamer by any means, I only run with one other friend when I play, I don't have a team.

Solo it's basically useless. Even running with just my one other friend it's really not all that amazing because sometimes we get some terribad teammates. I just like the idea of climbing the ladder. I'm sick of being in gold, and want to get into platinum so bad at this point

If you're running by yourself, don't bother. But if you can get one or two, or if you're real lucky four buddies together to run, then I think it's a lot of fun. People actually play the objective, and sometimes you run into some really great players so the challenge is good. It's nice playing a game of hardpoint where people actually go for the HP. I also like the 4v4. Games are still fast enough to stay interesting.

It's three game modes (CTF, SnD, HP), and a map rotation of about four or five maps. I've been having more fun in league than regular rotation of late for sure.

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