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03-16-2013, 08:08 PM
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There is nothing more dangerous to a middle weight than a heavy.

We were outgunned from the start and Volpatti and Oleksy well knew it if I knew it. Everyone knew it.

Ole was on the ice for that final fight. And it may well have been his final fight and career had to tried to take out Thornton. Ole is not big. He may be able to attain the rank of an NHL middle one day, but its nothing short of foolish for him to start with Thornton.

I see some promise in the kid and I do not want him fighting heavies until he can handle himself with the middles. Its just too dangerous. He is a total noob just finding his place.

And Volpatti of course is no idiot himself. Sure he may dance with a heavy but expect that to be a rare occassion. Had thornton run our goalie, I bet he would gone after him. He had no beef with him, he played a clean game.

And he knew if he started something with Pinocchio, there would be a bulls eye on him.

Ah, to have someone getting your back. You can go after teams top scorer without fear of retribution.

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